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The Lodge of Washington and Its Past Masters - by Donald M. Robey

The first three historical sections of this book are a compilation of the works of William Mosely Brown, William Adrian Brown and Mrs. Mary G. Powell. Addition original research is added by Most Worshipful Don Robey, as are the biographical sketches, most with pictures, of all of the Past Masters of Alexandria-Washington Lodge No 22 of the Grand Lodge of Virginia. Our Brother George Washington was the first Master of the Lodge under its Virginia charter. M.W. Bro. Robey has done a wonderful job in writing this most complete Lodge history and setting a high standard for others to emulate. Detailed Index, Hard Cover, 200 pgs., 8-1/2 X 11 with Color Dust Jacket.




The Quest For Light - by Wallace McLeod

"The Quest for Light" is a compilation of papers written and delivered by Wallace McLeod, one of the foremost scholastic Masonic writers of our time. In addition to being a Masonic work of significant intellectual importance, "The Quest for Light" is lightly laced with a dry humor, which makes for a totally enjoyable educational experience. Softcover, 274 pages, Indexed.


Inside Prince Hall - by David L. Gray

"Inside Prince Hall" provides the most accurate and comprehensive work on Prince Hall Freemasonry to date. It combines scholarly research with fresh critiques of Prince Hall Freemasonry in both historical and present day contexts. Although building upon the works of Prince Hall researchers Walkes and Wesley, and Mainstream researchers Draffen and Pope - "Inside Prince Hall" corrects some of the accepted assumptions of the early history of Prince Hall Freemasonry. This book also covers previously taboo subjects such as the Christianization of Prince Hall Freemasonry as well as Bogus Black Masonic Groups. Softcover. 218 pages. Index.


Introduction To Freemasonry - by H. L. Haywood, revised by Michael Poll

H.L. Haywood’s Introduction to Freemasonry is a classic Masonic educational work designed for the new Mason as well as the experienced Mason who may wish to refresh himself in the basics aspects of his Art. Written with the American Mason in mind, Introduction to Freemasonry is a most important foundational work that can set all Masons off on the correct educational path. Softcover. 108 pages. Index.


From Sacrifice To Symbol - by James Tresner

Slaves, noblemen, saints, criminals, nuns, children, warriors, athletes--over the course of human history, all have been slain or buried alive when a building was erected. Human sacrifice was as necessary as the stacking of stone on stone. More necessary; for stories from Ireland to Transylvania tell of walls which would not stand until the sacrifice was performed.
Collectively, the rituals and sacrifices made at the beginning, the completion, and dedication/consecration of buildings are known as Stability Rites. They are among the oldest rituals of which we have evidence. We can trace their evolution from superstitions of blood and bone to the sophisticated Masonic cornerstone ceremonies of today. But today’s rituals contain symbolic echoes of humanity’s long struggle to rise above fear and demon-haunted nights into a balance of spirit and reason in the human psyche. It is the story of the building cornerstone and the movement from sacrifice to symbol. Softcover.


The American Revolution And The Craft - edited by Lewis Langley

This coffee table size 600+ page book offers 74 great articles dealing with Masons and Masonry during the American Revolution from the likes of Alphonse Cerza, James R. Case, J. Fairbairn Smith, Allen E. Roberts and Bobby J. Demott (to name just a few). Indexed, Hardcover, with Color Dust Jacket.





Masonic Symbols And Signposts - by Leon Zeldis

Past Sovereign Grand Commander of the The Supreme Council of Israel
Freemasonry is often said to be "a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols." For a student to properly understand the meanings of the symbols, a Master is needed to guide the student through the allegory.
León Zeldis is a Masonic Master and his work "Masonic Symbols and Signposts" is an indispensable tool for all Masons who seek more Light in Masonry. His explanations of various Masonic symbols are clear, well researched and presented in a manner that is thoroughly enjoyable to read. In addition, Brother Zeldis explores such topics as the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Labyrinth, offering fascinating research of Masonic interest. His study of color symbolism in the Masonic degrees and bodies is, alone, of enormous value to all Masons.
Masonic Symbols and Signposts is a wonderful guide for all students of Masonry. Softcover.


Masonic Lifeline: Leadership - by Allen E. Roberts

This book covers the principles of management and leadership in ten segments. Plans, Goals, Developing Leaders and Effective Communication, are among the articles on which the ten lessons are based. There are hundreds of questions and answers for individual and group study. Softcover, 144 pages.


Masonic Trivia And Facts - by Allen E. Roberts

Within Masonic Trivia (and Facts) is more information than will be found between two covers, with the exception of an encyclopedia. The more than 600 questions and answers covers the story of Freemasonry from its earliest days to the present. Hard cover, jacket, 201 pages, Index.


The Freemason's Monitor of Illustrations of Masonry - by Thomas Smith Webb

Published in 1797, replicated by the Masonic Book Club. The Monitor has been duplicated from an original book. This is a facsimile reprint of the first edition, published at Albany, New York by Spencer and Webb in 1797.
An early reviewer claims that the account of the life of Thomas Smith Webb by Allen E. Roberts is worth the price of the book; it is the most comprehensive account of Webb to be found under one cover. Hard Cover.



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Understanding Manhood in America - by Robert G. Davis

Written by a Nationally known and respected Freemason with the experience of having worked with thousands of young men, one reviewer states, "....this is a book that every aspiring Grand Master should read several times before he embarks on a "membership" program. There is a need in the American society for institutions that can assist men in achieving the "mature masculine", as Davis describes it. The institution that figures out how to deliver the solutions to the ills that Davis describes will not have a "membership problem" any time soon – except for the wonderful problem of how to handle all of the new members... He discusses in detail how the world's oldest and largest fraternity might fit the needs of the modern man in his search to reach true maturity." - Edward "Ted" Berry -





Freemasonry And Democracy - by Allen E. Roberts & Wallace McLeod

This book traces the development of democracy in both the United States and Canada, and the role that Freemasonry played in this development.


Seekers Of Truth - by Allen E. Roberts

This is the story of The Philalethes Society and the men who have kept it viable since 1928. Hard cover, jacket. 272 pages. Index.

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The Craft And Its Symbols - by Allen E. Roberts

This book has become a runaway Masonic best seller. It covers the symbolism and the story behind the ritual of the Craft degrees. Many Lodges present it to Entered Apprentices. It is a presentation volume and takes the initiate through the ceremonies of initiation to the meaning of the Master Mason degree. It's MUST reading. Bound to resemble a Lambskin Apron. 81 illustrations. Presentation page. Hard cover. 104 pages.


House Undivided - by Allen E. Roberts

Here is a story which depicts the "human side" of the conflict. The author has blended two histories -- Freemasonry just before, during, and after the Civil War, with the history of the nation itself. Index and Bibliography.


House Reunited - by Allen E. Roberts

This is the chronicle of an important, but forgotten period, following the Civil War. It was called "Reconstruction," although there was more friction than construction. In "House Reunited" is an account of the role Freemasonry and Freemasons played during the Reconstruction period following the Civil War. Soft cover, 84 pages. Indexed.



Pioneer History of Dallas, Texas: A Masonic Perspective 1848 - 1874   by Bobby Lynn Sheehorn

"I found [this book] to be of great value in tracing the history of local Freemasonry and how it is interwoven with Dallas from its earliest days...For the student of the 'War For Southern Independence,' I particularly recommend Pioneer History of Dallas, Texas: A Masonic Perspective, 1848 - 1874 for its chronicle of the sacrifices which many of the great men and great Masons of Dallas were prepared to make...we see time and again that the Masonic principle of devotion to one's government was to them more than a mere ideal." M. Boyd Patterson, PGM, Grand Lodge of Texas. Hard Cover, 236 pages, Indexed, Illustrated.



The Theology of Crime - by Dr. E. Scott Ryan

Written by a Professor of Criminology and Co-Chairman of the American College of Forensic Examiners Task Force on Terrorism, this powerful work investigates the philosophies of good and evil, justice and injustice, freedom and terrorism – all in an effort to help us identify and understand the mindset of the enemies of freedom. "Here is a collection of priceless philosophic articles brilliantly written and expressed in such depth and clarity that only Professor Ryan can appropriately strike the chords of understanding in man." - Alexander Bleimann, Trustee of the American Lodge of Research, Softcover. 175 pages.


Prince Hall's Mission: The Rise of the Phylaxis Society - by Joseph A Walkes, Jr.

A complete history of the Phylaxis Society, its impact on American Freemasonry and importance to Prince Hall and universal Freemasonry. Plain talk as to who supported and who sought to destroy the Society. The birth of the Phylaxis magazine and the Phyllis Chapter. Written by the man who has been there since the beginning. Soft cover, 273 pages.


Confessions of A Born Again Fundamentalist Freemason, by Nelson King

Twenty of Nelson's talks and papers have been published in book form. Some of them will broaden your knowledge and help you to learn. Some of them will stimulate your mind and give you cause to think. Some of them may even motivate you to get angry! Definitely worth a look! Soft Cover. 150 pages. 


Rae John Lemert, Master Mason: The Man And His Library, by Harry B. Lyon

This book, by Harry B. Lyon, explains the founding of the Library in the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. Brother Rae John Lemert, who's private library became the basis of this library, is a story in himself. You'll find this book informative and interesting. Soft Cover, 56 pages. 



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